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About Your Tutor
Val Redcliffe

This is Val, and as of September 2020 she has been tutoring in Bishops Stortford for twelve years.                                                                                           

During that time she has taught over 100 young people from approximately 70 families.

Most of her students have come via recommendation.                                                                         

You will find that she is warm, friendly, encouraging and skilled at working with your son or daughter so that they fulfill their potential.

She has up to date DBS Check.


Meeting Individual Needs

Learning styles differ

  • listening

  • reading

  • writing 

  • active participation 


and the extent to which individuals use each one varies.


Good tuition involves observing what works best for each student and adapting teaching styles accordingly. 

If you are looking for tuition for your son or daughter, in Years 8 to 11 or equivalent, for Maths GCSE you are in the right place.

Tuition also offered for Common Entrance Maths 13+

Why Choose Red Cliff Tutoring

Maths tuition is about offering a service that meets individual requirements.                                          


Val is a happy, positive teacher who regularly acknowledges and rejoices in the strengths and successes of her students.                                           


At the same time she determines the areas they find more difficult, assesses where there are misunderstandings and gaps in knowledge, and then works with your son or daughter to put things right and teach new topics respectively.                     

Her 11+ and 13+ students have been accepted into twelve different selective schools and GCSE Maths pupils regularly improve by several grades.

A Typical Session

Red Cliff Tutoring

Smarter Tutoring Bishops Stortford private tuition & tutoring - Maths, 11+ & 13+
Personal tuition 

When learning Maths, there are several key aspects 

  • background theory

  • how to methods

  • recall 

  • question recognition.


So sesssions can involve

  • understanding why,

  • learning how 

  • practicing 

  • building a set of clear, useful reminders for tests and exams.

   What a find!

Val has the ability to bring out the best in children and teaches in a calm, positive and encouraging way. Our daughter has achieved so much more with Val's guidance.

   Can't recommend Val enough - she is incredibly accommodating, relentlessly patient and endlessly encouraging - brilliant all round!




    Very highly recommended. Teaching methods are excellent. Grades raised two levels ready for GCSE. Confidence boosted showing me that I can do Maths!



   Since starting lessons with Val my son's confidence has grown and I have seen a huge improvement in his learning.  Val tailors her teaching to the individual and my son has benefitted enormously from this approach.










   Excellent teacher. Val has lots of patience and has really helped me in my exams. She is a really nice and kind person.